How to Install Epoxy Garage Floors

epoxy garage floors

Epoxy garage floors are becoming more popular these days. They are very easy to install, they can take the damage from time to time, and they can also make a garage appear more appealing to many.

You should have an exterior concrete, hard surface for your garage, but because of all the traffic and cleaning that goes on there, it gets kind of beat up. It is still the best place in your home to park a car, though, so you don’t want to compromise its look with a really shoddy floor. That’s why epoxy is gaining so much popularity.

With epoxy garage floors, you can paint them yourself and they can be waterproof, too. There are even some that can be used outdoors without any protection at all. Some people even use them as floors on their patios.

As you’re deciding which product to use, make sure that you read the instructions completely before you do anything else. Some people make the mistake of over-doing it with their garage floors, and then they end up with a very ugly floor, no matter what they did. Never cover up the tops of the cars and trucks with an epoxy layer.

A lot of people try to take out any paint or finish to the top of the garage floors, because they want to get the shine out of the floors. Don’t do it. This actually makes the paint or finish come off more easily, making the job even harder. It’s much better to do everything that you can to prevent paint coming off of the floor.

Read the instructions that come with the product that you are buying and follow them exactly, because if you don’t, the result can be a scratchy or worn floor. If you are using multiple layers, you need to make sure that you have everything dried properly, because if you wait too long, you could wind up with a huge mess.

As an alternative to the natural flooring that is most commonly found in garages, you can use the epoxy garage floors. While some people may say that these floors aren’t as durable as the other kinds, in reality, they are quite durable. You can usually get them to stand up to just about anything, and they will keep their shine and color for years to come.

You can put them down on just about any surface, including store shelves, or you can lay them down on wood, concrete, or metal surfaces. As long as they are solid and long lasting, they will last for a very long time.

You want to keep the floor clear of rocks and dirt, so you can get all of the grime out of it. Then you won’t have to worry about sticky floors as much. You can also leave your garage floors on the cement floors, if you like, and they will still work just as well.

It is a lot easier to clean the epoxy garage floors, as well. When you clean the floor with just water, it can seem like a very big job, but in reality, it isn’t that difficult. The water just gets absorbed by the surface of the floor.

The one thing that you do need to be careful of is dirt that gets stuck under the paint. This can often mean having to remove all of the previous coat of paint to start over. It also takes a while to dry, so you’ll want to be ready for it.

Cleaning the floor with hot water and a stiff brush is usually enough to get it looking clean again. If it gets stained, you’have to go back and sand it down to its original state. But that isn’t usually a problem unless you’ve had it for a while.